Starting & Charging System Diagnostics and Repair

We know what it feels like when you get in your car and it won’t start. Inevitably you are on your way to a meeting, late to work or in a hurry to pick up your child from school. It could be that your alternator has gone, your starter is playing up, or maybe your battery needs replacing. Whatever the issue is, we can help.

At 3C Auto we take the stress out of auto repairs by offering honest advice and reliable services at an affordable price.

We are available to answer any queries and address all your concerns so that you feel confident leaving your vehicle in our hands.


3C Auto Starting and Charging System Services


Your vehicle alternator converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Some symptoms of a faulty alternator include trouble starting, dimming lights and a car that stalls while you are driving. Among many other things, an alternator charges up your car battery while driving so, when it fails, you won’t be able to start or continue driving your car.


If your engine won’t turn on or you experience a grinding noise when you try to turn on your car, your starter motor might be failing. Starters are essential for initiating the engine operation. When you turn the ignition switch the starter motor is engaged which then helps to spin the engine over, sucking in air and fuel.


Electric energy stored in your car battery powers the ignition system, as well as the starter motor and your car lights. If you find yourself needing to jump start your car for no obvious reason (such as leaving the interior lights on overnight) your battery may be failing. If your battery is no longer functioning optimally, you can have it tested and, from there, you can choose to have it replaced or repaired depending on the test results. Whether you need to test, charge, replace, install or recycle your car battery, we can help.


At 3C Auto, we take pride in offering the highest levels of care and service no matter how big or small the job. With years of experience repairing and servicing cars of all different makes and models, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.

Whether you have a dead battery, a misfiring starter or a faulty alternator, we can help. As specialists in foreign and domestic vehicle repairs, our years of experience and reputation for honesty and integrity will ensure that you get the best advice.

In addition to starting and charging systems, we can also assist with engine repair, brakes, suspension, other mechanical repairs, as well as body repair works.


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