Professional Brake Service and Repair

Your safety is our top priority which is why it is important to us that you always feel comfortable and confident when you drive. The quality and performance of your brakes are essential for a positive driving experience, which is why we offer brake service and repair.

We are available to answer any queries and address all your concerns so that you feel confident leaving your vehicle in our professional hands.


3C Auto Brake Services

Anti-lock brake systems (ABS)

Your ABS ensures that your wheels continue rotating rather than locking when you brake. This prevents skidding and improves your control over the vehicle. If your ABS light comes on, even if you think it is a fault, it is essential to get your car scheduled with us so that we can diagnose and fix the issue.


If your car has a disc brake system, the rotors will be attached to the wheels of the vehicle. When you press down on the brake, the brake pads grip the rotors, slowing both the rotors and the wheels. The friction from this action often leads to cracks and grooves appearing on the rotor, which may mean that you will need to either resurface or replace your rotors.

Brake pads and shoes

If your brakes have started making an unpleasant squealing noise when you brake, its a sign that you may need to replace your brake pads in the near future. Don’t ignore this early warning as a brake pad that has worn entirely smooth can cause damage to your rotors and drums.

Calliper replacement

If you have an issue with your brake callipers, it can lead to uneven braking, which means your car will continue to slide forward after you brake. This places the driver and passengers at risk, especially in bad weather.

Brake lines

Brake lines are hoses that move pressurized brake fluid from the master cylinder to the brakes. Over time the hose can be crushed or start leaking, which can cause a braking system failure. The lines won’t need replacing often, but they should be checked regularly for signs of wear and tear.

Fluid flushes

If you’ve noticed your braking system becoming less effective, there may be water in your brake fluid. This can cause damage to the brake system and as such regular brake fluid flushes ensure that your car continues to function optimally.

Brake drums

We will measure the brake drums to see whether they need replacement or tuning. If the drum is damaged, it may need replacing so that it doesn’t cause issues with your vehicle’s brake shoes.


At 3C Auto, we take pride in offering the highest levels of care and service no matter how big or small the job. With years of experience repairing and servicing brakes, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands.

3C Automotive & Repair specializes in foreign and domestic vehicle repairs. We offer a free inspection of your brake system, including pads, shoes, lines, rotors, callipers and drums.

In addition to brakes, we can also assist with engine repair, starting and charging systems, suspension, other mechanical repairs, as well as body repair works.


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