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A comfortable, safe ride hinges on the state of your suspension and steering. Make sure they are in perfect condition with our range of services designed to accurately diagnose and repair your struts, shocks, CV axles, tie rods and power steering.

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3C Auto Suspension and Steering Services


Struts absorb surface impacts while driving for a smoother ride as well as supporting the weight of your car. If the struts are worn or damaged, you may notice a vibration or shaking after hitting a bump, bottoming out on rough roads or exiting a driveway, or pronounced rocking when cornering or driving in a strong crosswind.


Shock absorbers allow you to keep control of your vehicle for a smooth ride by reducing bumps and vibrations, and ensure that the wheels remain in contact with the road. The signs of worn shocks are the same as those for struts.

CV Axles

CV (constant velocity) axles take power from your car transmission and diff and transfer it to the wheels, which allow the vehicle to move. You may have a worn or damaged CV joint if you notice loud clicking sounds when you turn a corner, if you have seen grease on the edge of your tire, or have picked up a vibration while driving. The most common cause of a damaged CV axle is when the boot that protects the two CV joints is cracked or damaged in some way. This allows the grease out, while moisture and dirt can now get in leading to fast wear on the joints and eventual failure.

Tie Rods

Your car tie rods connect the steering gear to the steering knuckle, making them a vital part of the steering system. They help to keep your vehicle tracking straight and, as such, bad tie rods will cause your tires to come out of alignment. Your tie rods may need changing if you are unable to steer properly, have noticed a squealing sound when you try to turn corners, have excessive tire wear or a steering wheel that feels strange.

Power Steering

One of the most common issues that come up with power steering is a leak. This is because the highly pressurized system uses relatively soft pipes to carry the fluid. If you notice a stiff steering wheel, your power steering fluid levels may be low. Other symptoms of a low fluid level include a loss of fluid pressure and a whining power steering pump.

Rack and Pinion

Rack and pinion steering systems convert rotational motion into linear motion. Symptoms of a failing steering rack include leaking power steering fluid, a grinding noise when steering, a burning oil smell and a very tight steering wheel.


Your safety is our top priority which is why it is important to us that you always feel comfortable and confident when you drive. We go out of our way to ensure that every single job we do meets our stringent safety and performance requirements.

3C Automotive & Repair specializes in foreign and domestic vehicle repairs.

In addition to suspension and steering, we can also assist with engine repair, starting and charging systems, brakes, and other mechanical repairs, as well as body repair works.


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